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Low Cost Auto Insurance Rates For California – How to Get A Better Deal

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Low Cost Auto Insurance Rates For California – How to Get A Better Deal

One of the most frequently asked questions in this industry has to do with customers trying to learn new ways to attain low cost auto insurance rates. There are a couple of factors that determine a person’s insurance rate. Many people assume that the only requirement to attaining low insurance rates is by keeping their driving record clean. Although, keeping your driving record clean is an important when trying to obtain a low rate, there are multiple key parts that affect your rate. For instance, many people do not realize that the area they live in also plays a huge role in determining how much they will end up paying for their car insurance. There are a variety of other discounts that a customer could qualify for besides the good driver discount, which is one of the few discounts that customers are aware of.

One discount that is often overlooked is the multiple vehicle discount. What this means is if you own more than one vehicle, it is always recommended to put them on the same insurance policy because almost all insurance companies offer a multiple vehicle discount. This discount can also be applied when any vehicle is added if the owner and driver of the vehicle live with you or are on the same policy as well. With the multiple car discount, you could be insuring two vehicles for almost the price of one. Another way to lower your car insurance cost is to bundle your insurance policies from the same company. There are a variety of insurance carriers that will give customers very generous discounts when they buy two or more different types of insurance policies from them. For example, if you bought your car and home policy from the same insurance company you should be able to qualify for discounted rates.

If you are someone who does not drive far often, or hardly even drives to begin with, there is a specific discount you should be looking into. Almost every car insurance company offers a discounted rate to drivers who do not drive the average number of miles that is normally estimated for customers. All you need to do is ask your insurance carrier how you can lower your mileage and most of the time, you would just need to fill out a form and wait for it to get approved. Another case in which a low mileage discount could be applied is to drivers who carpool to work. Low mileage discounts can be huge. I recommend giving it a shot is you qualify.

There is a certain group of drivers who always seem to be stuck with high insurance rates, young drivers. Due to many teen driving statistics, almost all insurance companies view young drivers as high-risk drivers, which causes their auto insurance rates to be extremely high. Two discounts that can lower this cost is by having your teen complete a driver training program, and/or they qualify for the good student discount, if they maintain a 3.0 grade average and are a full time student.

Based on a report from good drivers are missing out on an average of $416.00 per year savings. Just from not shopping around or taking advantage of discounts.

When is the right time to shop around and compare prices? Auto Insurance companies are constantly changing their prices according to their loss statistics.

Here are 3 different times to consider shopping for better rates


  • When you move to a new zip code. – Moving to a new zip code can change your premium drastically. For instance a liability only auto insurance policy in Los Angeles CA will cost on average $75 per month. When a liability only policy in Hesperia CA will average $45 per month. Rating Based on a 25yr old driver with a clean record.


  • Have a life changing event such as getting married. Take advantage of the additional discounts some companies will give. If you company does not offer a marriage discount. It’s time to shop!


  • Adding or removing drivers or vehicles. – This is by far the most common reason most people are paying too much. Any time you make a change like adding a vehicle or driver this will be rated accordingly. If the company you are with does not provide a good rate for the age group of the driver, or type of vehicle. You can be paying hundreds more than you should be.



If you have any questions about discounts or want to see what discounts or savings you qualify for. Please don’t hesitate to contact one of our professionals a 909-275-7245. With over 20 years of experience we will make sure to give you all the available discounts and get you the best auto insurance rate possible. If you would like to compare rates online feel free to use our 100% free online auto insurance comparison tool.

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