Get Free California Car Insurance Quotes From Top Rated Companies! helps you find auto insurance in the state of California. We offer free quote comparisons from top rated companies as well as information regarding the laws and requirements to drive in the Golden State.

Why Get Quotes For California Car Insurance?

Getting CA auto insurance quotes is an important part of the purchasing process when starting a new policy. It is the first step to finding competitive rates in a State that requires you to have liability coverage. With more than 22,000,000 licensed motorists sharing the roads it is essential for drivers to have proper bodily injury and property damage protection. We make it easy for you to understand what the laws and requirements are to drive legally. We also will help you keep your premiums at a low cost. In these tough times who dosen’t want to save some money?

As a California based agency we understand that items and services tend to cost more in this state, which is why we allow you to compare rates on our site. This way you can be sure that you get the lowest price possible when it comes to buying car insurance. When you research multiple companies on our site you can choose the one that  best fits your budget and coverage needs.

California Auto Insurance Laws And Requirements


The state requires  insurers to electronically report insurance information for all private vehicles as per California Vehicle Code §16058.

This law took effect in 2006 and its purpose is to allow the CA DMV to take appropriate action such as suspending registrations of vehicles that are not insured.  The court system and law enforcement have direct access to the DMV records.

The minimum liability insurance requirement for private passenger vehicles in California are as follows:

Bodily Injury Limits: $15,000 per person / $30,000 per accident.

Damage To Property: $5,000

These coverages will compensate the other party involved in an accident for property damage and personal injury.

For more information about California insurance requirements and laws visit the CA DMV website.

At we can help you attain the coverage limits required in California and you can even buy your policy online. If you have any questions regarding the laws and requirements of this State you can speak to one of our helpful customer service representatives at 1-888-557-6529.

Cities And Areas Where We Provide Car Insurance In California

Here are just a few of the cities and areas that we serve in California. If you don’t see your city listed here, don’t be discouraged as we can provide affordable auto insurance for residents all over the Golden State!








Grand Terrace


Loma Linda

Los Angeles



Moreno Valley





Rancho Cucamonga




San Bernardino

San Diego

San Francisco

Twentynine Palms



This is just a small sample of our service area. So check back soon as we are constantly updating our list!

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