Drivers all over California are driving without insurance due to their license status. Whether it’s because it is expired, suspended or they have just never had one in this state. This does not affect eligibility to get coverage with all companies. There are many carriers that will accept these types of risks. Foreign or international drivers may obtain a policy with a copy of their foreign or international DL or even with just an identification card in some cases. Some insurers may require that you get a valid license from the state in order to renew your coverage the following year. It is a good idea to research the company before making a purchase. Consulting with an agent is also recommended to ensure the continuity of your contract. can help get you covered at a great rate regardless of your status. Do not hesitate to get your free quotes today!

Understanding SR22 Insurance Policies In California can help you obtain an SR22 filing for your insurance policy if needed. Drivers that have a suspended or restricted license may be able to regain their privilege to drive by simply obtaining one from any appointed carrier. Not all suspensions will able to be lifted just by filing with the DMV. Some may require a mandatory suspension for a given period of time depending on the severity of the violation.

An SR22 filing is simply a form that is sent to the DMV notifying them that you have an active insurance policy. The company that files it is also responsible for sending an immediate notice once the policy is cancelled for any reason. This ensures that the driver will maintain a policy at all times in order to drive.

To get quotes for SR22 insurance in California simply enter your zip code on any page of our website. When filling out the driver information simply indicate that one is needed under the tab labeled “filing”. Your results will then be more accurate as they will already include the filing fee. Feel free to contact a licensed agent by calling 1-888-557-6529 if you have any questions while going through the comparison process.

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