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Car Insurance for New Drivers

Driving is one of the most important responsibilities for a person to accept and part of the responsibility includes choosing and purchasing vehicle insurance coverage. If you are a new driver or a parent to a new driver, there are a few important things you need to consider before hitting the road.

Car insurance companies consider new drivers a big risk because they have very little experience. The longer a person drives the more his or her premiums are reduced because they gain experience. The good news is that even though you can expect to pay more for insurance as a new driver, it is still possible for insurance to be affordable.

Some auto insurance companies allow you to take a driving test in addition to the one you took to earn your license. This is your opportunity to prove to the insurance company that you not only know the basics that allowed you to earn your license, you are also an extremely safe and skilled driver. If your insurance company offers an additional test that can qualify you for lower rates, you should consider taking it.

Be Smart when Choosing a Vehicle

Choosing the right car can also make a big difference when it comes to keeping rates low for a new driver. Insurance companies are going to charge a pretty penny for new drivers who take the wheel of powerful, high-risk vehicles.

Your best bet as a new driver is to choose a practical vehicle that is safe and functional. Save the hot rod for a few years down the road. You should also avoid vehicles with modifications that are intended to make them faster or flashier. Sensible is the way to go for novice drivers.

Join Another Driver

Sharing a policy with another more experienced driver can also save you a great deal. If they are willing, consider sharing a policy with your parents, a sibling, or someone else in your home that has more driving experience and a clean driving record. Bundling other types of insurance from the same company can also help. If you are a new driver living alone, but you also need homeowners’ insurance coverage, purchasing it from the same company can lower your overall out-of-pocket expense.

One final way to save on insurance for a new driver is to purchase less coverage. Though this can make your premium cheaper, it is not always the smartest option for new drivers. Make sure you are not putting yourself at risk for higher long-term expenses by trying to save money upfront. Sometimes you just need to accept that it might cost a little bit more to cover an inexperienced driver and that the extra cost is worth it to reduce your risk. To learn more or to find the most reasonable rates in your area, check out our free search tool.

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