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Car Insurance Quotes for Expensive Cars

Some cars are more expensive to insure than others. Though the common myth is red cars are the most expensive to insure, this is not necessarily true. Until recently, color played a limited role in the amount of insurance coverage. However, in recent years unique paint colors have been created for cars and some insurance companies charge a higher rate to insure these cars. This is because the cost of mixing and blending paint for touch-ups can be time consuming and expensive.

You might take pride in the vehicle you drive and even if you have to pay more to own it and more to insure it, it might be worth it for you. People who care about car styles often find the money they spend on their vehicles and insurance is a great trade off for the enjoyment of driving a high quality vehicle. If you are thinking about buying a new vehicle and you want to know if car insurance quotes will be high when the time comes to buy insurance, consider the following:

If you buy a car that is considered fast, you are going to get high car insurance quotes. Practical, family-style cars that are more about safety than performance are cheaper to insure, but not everyone wants to drive that type of vehicle. Some people like having a car with the potential to go fast, even if they never crack the speed limit. Insurance companies know someone who buys a fast car is more likely to drive fast, though, and you are going to pay the price.

Features on your vehicle like a convertible top will also increase the price of car insurance. Criminals tend to target convertibles because they are easy to access. More damage can be done to the car, too, during a collision. Not only do criminals target convertibles, they target specific makes and models of cars. Some cars have parts that are considered higher value on the black market, so insurance companies know the cars will be targeted more frequently.

Finally, when choosing a car, consider the features that will cost a great deal of money to repair. This is likely to boost your car insurance quote because cars with complicated features cost more to repair. In general, 4-wheel drive vehicles and hybrid vehicles cost more to insure. Diesel engines also garner higher insurance rates because of the expensive components in the engine.

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a new vehicle, so do not only concentrate on auto insurance quotes when making your decision. However, if spending too much money is important to you and you have already sunk a great deal of money into a new vehicle, you do not want to take on a costly insurance premium each month. To find a low cost insurance rate, use our convenient search engine to find coverage that is right for you.

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