Good students get discounts for auto insuranceFinding cheap auto insurance for students is easy with We can help you get a discounted rate just for attending classes. Going to school can provide a very rewarding future financially for many people who graduate and obtain a degree of some sort. Studies show that those who complete a higher level of education actually can earn double the salary of those who have only a high school diploma. This all sounds promising but many young adults are faced with the high cost of education while they are studying. Many of them do have jobs and if they do have one it is more than likely only part time. This is why we offer special programs to help ease the financial burden and help you find affordable coverage.

Getting Quotes For The Cheapest Car Insurance For Students

When you are looking for the cheapest auto insurance and you are a student it is important to get quotes from several companies. This is important because there are a few carriers that offer good student discounts and by doing this you can see which company is most affordable. It is also of importance to notify the agent that you are in school and that you are looking for this type of reduced price policy. You can get estimates from multiple insurers right here on our site, as mentioned before you must indicate that you are enrolled in classes. To get started enter your postal code at the top of this page. After completing a short form you will be able to view your results in just a few minutes.

Group of students who just saved money on their auto insurance.Cheap Auto Insurance Companies For Students

Often times students ask us which auto insurance company is cheapest for them. The answer is that there is not one single company that always has the lowest rate. The way it works is that carriers base their rates off of several factors such as the amount of driving experience you have, the amount of tickets or accidents on your record, the area that you live and also the specific type of vehicle you drive. All of these things will play a part in how much you pay. The only way to find out which one is most affordable is to compare rates from as many companies as possible. At we make it easy to do just that. Here you can get estimates from up to 15 of the best insurers in about 3 minutes.

Ways Students Can Save Money On Car Insurance

Students can greatly reduce the price they pay for auto insurance by following a few simple tips when shopping. First off they should always notify their agent or broker of their education status. This way they know that you are in school and can apply the appropriate discounts. Secondly you should try to reduce the amount of miles that you drive by carpooling, taking public transportation or by walking or biking to school if possible. The purpose of doing this is to reduce the amount of time you spend driving. Insurers see young people behind the wheel as a risk and their is less risk involved if you only drive 5000 miles per year as opposed to 12,000. Always give the insurance company the correct mileage information that way they can rate your policy accordingly. Another way to save a little extra money is to take a defensive driving course. Many carriers offer lower rates for people who take these types of courses because they know that you have more knowledge when it comes to driving safely. By combining all 3 of these tips you can save big on your policy.

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