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Common Car Insurance Myths

There are many myths out there about car insurance and unfortunately, the ones that are the most believable can result in the greatest unnecessary expense. When a consumer is unsure of the rules and regulations regarding car insurance and he or she falls for the myths, it can lead to spending too much on coverage, not purchasing enough coverage, or making choices that cost money in the long run.

What are some of the most common car insurance myths believed by millions of consumers?

The Color of Your Vehicle Affects Your Car Insurance

Many people believe they will pay more if they insure a red vehicle. This is untrue. The type of vehicle you drive will affect your insurance, but it costs the same to insure a red car as it does the same make and model with the same safety features if that vehicle is blue, silver, or green. If you purchase a red vehicle and your insurance quote seems high, ask for a detailed explanation of the charges. If color is given as a reason, take your business elsewhere.

The Person Driving Your Vehicle is Responsible for Paying Damages

Your insurance applies to your vehicle, even if an accident occurs when you are not the driver. If your insurance is maxed out there are instances in which someone else’s insurance can be used for coverage, but your insurance will be the first line of defense.

Insurance Companies Can Cancel Policies Any Time They Choose

As long as you are meeting your obligations, your insurance provider is required to meet theirs. There are reasons companies can cancel policies, but they very rarely do so unless they have not received their payment. Insurance companies can change your coverage when your policy renews, so make sure you review the information they provide every time your old policy expires and a new one kicks into action.

Coverage is Available for Personal Property Stolen from My Vehicle

Auto insurance policies rarely cover personal property stolen from your vehicle. You should not expect to leave a computer or your handbag or other valuable personal items in your car and recover anything from your insurance provider if these items are stolen. In many cases homeowners insurance covers the items, but you should carefully consider the circumstances before filing a claim. Your insurance provider might have information on how best to protect your belongings when you are traveling or at other times you need to leave valuable items in your vehicle.

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