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Coping with Checkpoints in California

Are you tired of dealing with checkpoints in California? Have you found yourself taking a longer route to reach your destination because of a checkpoint? You are not alone.

Unfortunately, checkpoints are becoming more common. They are intended to deter incidences of drunk driving. Police set up barricades through which drivers must be checked for their ability to drive before proceeding. These checkpoints are more common during the holiday season and often bring an already congested traffic situation to a complete and total standstill. They can also wreak havoc on a driver’s insurance rates if he or she is deemed incapable of driving.

Do you need to worry?

First, commit to being a safe driver. If you plan to attend a holiday party or any other event, choose a designated driver. Throughout the majority of the year you might be able to get away with a single alcoholic drink during your evening out and then drive home. When checkpoints in California are set up, you are faced with a no-tolerance policy. Take turns with a friend or spouse driving throughout the holidays. This way you will each have an opportunity to relax and enjoy alcoholic beverages without concern for safe driving.

Are you a target?

It is important to consider your driving history when dealing with checkpoints in California. Some checkpoints require drivers to slow and pass through the checkpoint. The officers might shine a light into the vehicle to ensure all looks normal or run a quick check on a license plate. If you have a history of DUI incidents, you are likely going to get a more thorough check. You have two options: do not get behind the wheel of your vehicle if you have had even the slightest amount of alcohol or choose another route to avoid the checkpoint. The latter is precautionary advice for those who do not have a serious problem.

If you have several drinks and choose to drive, you are making a potentially fatal mistake. However, if you have just one alcoholic beverage and drive, you are putting yourself at risk if you have any other DUI charges on your record. Remember, you will be judged more harshly based on your driving past.

There is no reason why checkpoints in California should create serious problems in your life. They might inconvenience you, but if you are a safe, smart driver, you will not have a problem with these checkpoints. There is no sense risking your driver’s license or your reasonable insurance rates by taking an unnecessary risk, especially if you know you will be passing through a checkpoint. If you do experience a problem and you find that problem affects your insurance rates, shop around for a better option as soon as possible.

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