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Cost of Purchasing Auto Insurance in California 2012

Many people believe the cost of drivers auto insurance in California 2012 is higher than drivers pay in other states. Though this sometimes happens, it is not always the case. Rates vary based on individual needs and circumstances, so while one driver might pay a higher rate in California than he or she would pay elsewhere, other drivers receive lower rates in California. In most cases, several of the driver’s choices are used to determine insurance rates, so there is more to consider than just the state of residence.

One of the most important factors affecting insurance rates is the type of car driven. The cost of drivers auto insurance in California 2012 will be higher for certain types of vehicles than others. For instance, if an individual drives a mid-range, practical vehicle that is not known for its speed and has a number of safety features, insurance rates will likely be lower than they are for someone who drives a high-performance sports car. Insurance companies consider the likelihood of an accident and assume if a person is driving a car known for speed, he or she is likely to drive fast.

Another important consideration is a person’s driving history. If a person has shown he or she uses poor judgment when behind the wheel, insurance companies are less willing to take a risk. The companies view previous behavior as an indication of how well a driver will fare in the future. No matter where a person lives, if he or she has a flawed driving record, insurance rates will be higher.

Drivers in California do have a few location-specific concerns when it comes to auto insurance rates, but there are things that can be done to lessen these concerns and keep auto insurance rates under control. Insurance companies sometimes charge higher rates for people who park their cars in areas with high crime statistics. If your home is in a neighborhood where break-ins or car thefts are common, you will pay more for insurance coverage. Living in a safer neighborhood will lower your rates, but this is not an option for everyone. To off-set your higher rates, consider parking your car in a secured location, such as a garage, or installing safety devices that deter criminals.

Another location-specific concern relates to the distance a driver travels everyday. If you live far from your place of employment or drive more than the average driver, your insurance rates might be higher. Should you decide to move, you can save money by living close to where you work.

The 2012 cost of auto insurance in California is a concern, but there are ways to keep your rates reasonable, even when living in higher cost areas. If you are a driver in California and you are looking for the best auto insurance rates available, use our free search tool to help you find what you need.

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