Medical payments coverage on an auto insurance policy pays for medical expenses that are a result of an accident for your passengers and yourself. With some companies it even covers you if you are in another persons car or when you are walking and injured by another vehicle. It also can cover funeral expenses in some cases.

How To Know If You Need Medical Payment Coverage

Medical payment coverage is helpful if you do not have health insurance because it provides you with payments towards injuries that otherwise would have to be paid out of pocket. If you already have health insurance you probably will not need to purchase med pay because your current policy most likely has broader levels of coverage. However it would be a good idea to purchase it if you frequently have passengers in your car.

How Much Does Medical Payment Coverage Cost?

Like with most other coverages, the cost of medical payment insurance will vary from company to company. It will also depend on the amount of coverage that you purchase and the amount of drivers and vehicles you want on your policy. The best way to find out how much it will cost you is to get quotes from as many carriers as possible. By doing so you can get a good idea of how much certain carriers are charging for the same coverage. It will also help you find the cheapest rate because you can view several prices and choose the lowest one. You can get started easily on the top of any page on our site, simply enter your zip code and answer a few simple questions. You will have your comparisons available in about 3 minutes. Also you can talk to a live agent to find out more about this protection option by calling 1-888-557-6529.

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