Often times when people look at their auto insurance policy they will see towing and labor coverage and wonder what it is and what it covers. T & L is often overlooked by agents when explaining protection options to their customers because sometimes they don’t even know the specifics of it. Here we will explain what it covers and go over how much it costs to add it to your policy.

What Is Towing And Labor Coverage?

Towing and Labor is a coverage that will pay a certain amount of the cost to tow your vehicle in the event that it breaks down and also will pay a certain amount of the cost of labor to repair your vehicle while on the roadside. It will not however cover the price of parts, simply the specified amount for the labor to get your car moving again. Check with your company to see what the maximum payout limits are that they offer because it can vary with different carriers.

How To Know If You Need Towing And Labor Coverage

When you are purchasing low cost auto insurance you will want to know which coverages you need. To know if you need towing and labor you should consider the following questions. Do you have a roadside assistance membership such as AAA? If you do it is recommended that you do not purchase T & L because you already have benefits that are included in your membership. Do you drive an older car or one that is prone to breakdown frequently? If you do you should definitely consider adding it because you will probably end up using it sometime down the road. It is ultimately up to you to use your best judgement to find out if you really do need to add this type of protection.

How Much Does Towing And Labor Coverage Cost?

If you do decide to purchase towing and labor coverage you will want to know how much it costs. The cost can be different with certain companies but usually is between $30 – $90 depending on what type of limits you purchase. The higher limits of protection the higher the premium will be. You can get free quotes right here at 2autoinsurance.com to compare rates from several companies and it only takes a few minutes. This will be the easiest way to find out the price for your particular vehicle.

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