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Defensive Driving Allows You to Save Money on Texas Auto Insurance

Are you a defensive driver? When you drive in your home state of Texas, do you use defensive driving skills to avoid accidents? If not, you might be putting yourself at risk.

Defensive driving is a difficult skill to teach because much of it requires good driving instincts. A person can know every rule of the road and follow these rules religiously, but still lack defensive driving skills.

Unfortunately, this increases your risk on the road. In spite of being a good driver and following the rules when you take the wheel, if you are unable to use defensive skills in response to other drivers, you could be a victim.

There are three things drivers need to master in order to be considered defensive drivers.

First, they must anticipate the actions of the vehicles around them when driving. This sounds impossible and if it would require psychic ability, but it is not that difficult. In some ways, defensive driving could be renamed “pessimistic driving.”

Your goal is to anticipate the worst mistakes drivers around you could make and be prepared for them. You might not take any action, aside from being prepared for the worst case scenario, but you are always on the lookout for mistakes. Defensive drivers never assume other drivers are capable or willing to following the rules of the road.

The next skill a defense driver must master is creating an escape route for every situation. Do you ever think about what you would do if the person in front of you slammed on his breaks? What about if a car swerved from the lane next to you into the vehicle directly in front of you? Defensive drivers in Texas not only anticipate the worst from other drivers, they have a plan.

Finally, defensive drivers have great instincts and can react quickly under pressure. This last skill is the most difficult to teach because much of it deals with natural ability. It requires a driver to be confident. Very few new drivers have the instincts it takes to be a good defensive driver.

Even drivers who have been on the road for decades might still not have mastered the instincts needed to be a good defensive driver. Some people are just born with this and others are not. The best you can do if you naturally lack good instincts is to practice good driving to build your driving confidence and focus on the first two skills for defensive driving.

Unfortunately, defensive driving is not something that can be measured on paper. Auto insurance companies do not give discounts for defensive driving in Texas. However, your defensive driving skills become apparent when your driving record is evaluated. Defensive drivers typically have better driving record than those who lack the sills of defensive driving.

If you feel you have mastered defensive driving and you are ready to see a reduction in your insurance rate, use our free search tool to find the best options.

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