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Does a DUI Affects Your Insurance Costs?

Everyone makes mistakes. Whether you get caught speeding or you run a red light by accident, it happens to the best drivers. For some people, driving mistakes include getting behind the wheel of a car after indulging in alcoholic beverages. Though nobody should ever drive a car after drinking alcohol, it does happen.

Unfortunately, if you find yourself stopped by a police officer or involved in a collision after drinking, you will be faced with consequences. If you are lucky, the consequences will not involve any injuries, but even without injuries, you will still have a mess on your hands. Drivers need to understand how a DUI affects your insurance costs before taking the risk of driving while intoxicated.

Assuming nobody is injured and you are free to continue driving your vehicle following a DUI, your consequences will be primarily financial. If you have caused a collision, your insurance will likely cover the damage. However, just like most collisions, your rates will increase. If you have been driving after drinking, you will likely be charged with negligent driving and the accident will be your fault. Even if another driver does something to cause the accident, you will still be found partially at fault if you were driving under the influence. Collisions caused by drinking and driving cause your insurance rates to rise.

Those lucky enough to escape a collision will still have to deal with financial consequences. If you are pulled over and you receive a DUI, it will be reported to your insurance company and it will affect your insurance rates. Rest assured, insurance companies view this as an increase in risk and your rates will reflect this. You will no longer be considered a responsible driver, even if no accident was caused by your poor judgment. If you are caught driving after indulging in alcohol, your insurance rates will rise.

In many cases, your rates rise a great deal. This is especially true if you have been charged more than one time with DUI. The greater the risk a driver poses, the higher his or her insurance rates will be. Drivers who continually make mistakes risk losing their auto insurance completely.

The good news is the increase in rates might only be temporary. A driver who receives a DUI, but manages to keep his or her driving record clean for a period of time following the DUI, might see the rate drop. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. DUIs, more than collisions caused by other reasons, tend to keep rates high. Once you show you are wiling to take a risk like driving while intoxicated, insurance companies are unlikely to extend you the highest level of trust. Drivers who think they can shop around to find a better rate are still out of luck. Your driving record includes any DUI charges, so all potential companies will know your driving history and judge you accordingly.

In order to avoid the consequences of a DUI, avoid driving after drinking alcoholic beverages. Whether you have a DUI in your past or your driving record is clear, our search tool is free and will help you find the right insurance policy and buy online.

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