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Finding the Cheapest SR22 Online

Finding the cheapest SR22 online can be challenging if you do not know where to look. An SR22 is a document sent to the Department of Motor Vehicles to verify car insurance at the time your auto insurance coverage begins. Drivers in California who have DUI charges or other major driving violations usually need an SR22 for at least three years following their violation. The DMV can tell you if you need an SR22 to drive, but your insurance carrier must provide the document.

Finding the cheapest SR22 online takes a bit of searching, but it can save you a great deal of money. Auto insurance providers typically charge between $10 and $35 for an SR22. This is in addition to any premium you pay for your auto insurance coverage, but it is usually only a one-time fee.

For example, when your new coverage begins, you pay for the first installment payment, plus the fee for the SR22. When your next premium payment is due, you do not pay another SR22 fee. However, a lapse or change in coverage requires you to obtain (and pay for) a new SR22.

If your insurance coverage is cancelled, the DMV is notified and requires another SR22 when coverage is reinstated. This results in your paying the SR22 fee a second time.

Purchasing an SR22 with Your Insurance Coverage

There are several different ways to purchase an SR22, so take some time to research your options. Finding the cheapest SR22 online when you are reviewing free auto insurance quotes simplifies the process. Our site enables you to get free quotes sent to you online or you can speak with a licensed agent by calling 1.888.557.6529 (California Residents Only).

It is the driver’s responsibility to alert their insurance provider to his or her need for an SR22. Insurance providers have access to driving records, so it is likely they will recognize the need, but the driver is ultimately held responsible. Do not assume your insurance provider automatically sends the DMV an SR22. If you are searching for insurance quotes, be sure to include your need for an SR22 in your information. Our system includes the cost of the SR22 with the selection of quotes you are provided. This makes it easier to find the cheapest SR22 and insurance coverage online.

Compare and Choose Your Best Insurance and SR22 Option

Once you have a selection of quotes, compare the rates and the coverage. In some cases you might have to pay a bit more for your SR22, but the overall premium will be less. In the long run this will save you money. However, do not assume that finding the cheapest SR22 online automatically means your insurance premiums are going to be lower. You need to review your options and choose which is best for you.

Also remember that the cheapest rate does not mean the best coverage. You need the proper protection, even if the cost is a bit higher. Chances are if you require an SR22, your driving record dictates some of your insurance coverage options. Your responsibility is finding the best value for your money: sufficient coverage for a reasonable cost.

Once you have chosen your insurance provider, press the “please contact me” button or contact a licensed agent at 1.888.557.6529 (California Residents Only). You will receive further information about your policy, SR22, and payment information. You will also be able to make your first payment online and print any necessary documents for your records. Shortly after your payment is received, you will receive an ID card and once again be able to operate your vehicle legally.

Finding the cheapest SR22 online is easy when you combine your search with your search for affordable auto insurance. Use our system to search free quotes and determine which options are best for you.

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