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Not every driver needs an SR22 form, but those who do understand how frustrating it can be to deal with the process. In addition to having a valid car insurance policy, some drivers are also required to submit the SR22 to the motor vehicles administration as proof of insurance. “SR” stands for state required, so drivers are legally obligated to obtain the form when ordered. The form is also known as the California Insurance Proof Certificate. In some states, an SR22 is required if a driver has been involved in an accident or has a traffic offense, but in California, the SR22 applies only to drunk driving offenses. Drivers with other driving offenses are required to submit an SR1.

California courts order an SR22 to verify an insurance plan is now in place to protect everyone on the road and that the amount of liability insurance a driver has is sufficient. Once the SR22 insurance is obtained, the insurance company notifies the motor vehicle administration that a person is covered with suitable amounts of liability insurance. This way the motor vehicles administration is guaranteed a driver has sufficient coverage and is protected when operating a vehicle.

SR22 Costs More

Unfortunately, an SR22 requires an additional fee, but you can get your cheap SR22 online. Not only must you pay your auto insurance premiums, you also need to pay for the official proof of insurance. If you are concerned about your insurance rates being too high, look for policies that are as affordable as possible. Chances are your rates will be higher because you are considered a high-risk driver, but you might be able to get discounts because of vehicle safety features or based on your location.

In most drunk driving cases in California, licenses are suspended for up to six months for first time offenders. Once his license is suspended, a driver is automatically considered high-risk and will require an SR22 to drive again. The SR22 policy is typically required for anywhere from three to five years following the offense. You will be notified how long you are required to have SR22 insurance either when the requirement is issued by the court or when your policy is due to expire.

Get Your Cheap SR22 Online

The penalties for not maintaining your SR22 insurance policy are severe. Drivers receive a hefty fine and can spend time in jail. Though obtaining an SR22 can be a daunting experience, it can be easier if you research your options and search for insurance policies online. If you would like to learn more about SR22 insurance or you would like to get your SR22 cheap online, use our free search function to find out what insurance policies will best suit your needs.

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