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How to Get Auto Insurance with an International License in California

If you are wondering how to get auto insurance with an international license in California, there are several things to consider. It is possible to get auto insurance with only an international license, but if you are living in the state and want to legally drive, you will need to apply for a California license. This must be done within 10 days of moving to the state. Those just visiting California must have their license from their home country, as well as their International Driver’s Permit while driving during their visit to California.

Getting auto insurance in California with an international license is a little bit different than becoming a California licensed driver. There are auto insurance companies that will insure drivers without a valid California license. This does not mean it is legal for you to drive and you are still required to complete all of the steps necessary to drive legally in the state. For some, this means taking both a written and driving test before a legal California license can be issued.

One of the reasons people with an international license might want to secure insurance before getting a valid California license is because drivers need to be insured before taking the California driving test. Keep in mind that to be issued a California driver’s license, you must be a legal resident of the United States. However, if you have moved to the United States from a different country, and you are driving, you should be insured. Insurance companies understand there might be a gap between your arrival in the country, obtaining your citizenship, and gaining a valid California license. Obtaining auto insurance protects you and those around you when driving, and it is an important part of being a responsible driver in California.

If you have begun your search online for auto insurance with an international license in California, leave the search field blank if it asks for your license number. If you have problems generating auto insurance quotes without a license number, you can speak with a customer service agent who will help you through the process. This makes it easier to explain your specific circumstances and learn about all of your options as an internationally licensed driver in California.

Though not all carriers will insure unlicensed or internationally licensed drivers, there are many that do. Some charge a higher rate, but this is not always the case. Your best bet as someone with an international license is to search for auto insurance rates, just as someone holding a domestic license would do. This is the only way to guarantee you will find the best auto insurance rates available to you. To learn more about getting rates for auto insurance with an international license, use our free search feature to find policy options available to you.

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