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Inexpensive Auto Insurance for Inexperienced Drivers

Young and inexperienced drivers are often the most expensive to insure. Car insurance companies know these drivers are higher risk and have as much as a six times higher accident rate than experienced drivers over age 30. Luckily, not all auto insurance companies apply the higher premiums across the board. There are ways to save money and find inexpensive auto insurance for younger and inexperienced drivers. Start by encouraging your young driver to drive as safely as possible. If the insurance companies have no reason to believe a specific driver will be high risk, rates might be lower.

Though having a young driver on your policy will raise the rate you pay, it might lower the overall rate for everyone in the family. Request quotes for inexpensive auto insurance for young drivers on their own policy, as well as on your policy. A bump in your rate might still be cheaper than paying for an additional policy particularly if your young driver has a clean driving record. If you do not want to pay for the increased rate, arrange with your young driver to pay the difference. You are saving them money, but still not taking responsibility for the payment.

Some auto insurance companies reward students for certain behaviors, such as achieving good grades. In many cases a grade point average of 3.0 translates to a 10% discount. When the time comes to gather inexpensive auto insurance quotes ask if the company offers discounts in cases when students excel academically.

Choose the car your inexperienced driver will drive very carefully. Sports cars and cars that typically have higher rates are going to be even higher when an inexperienced driver is behind the wheel. When investing in a vehicle for your young driver, choose something safe and sensible. Avoid fast cars to keep auto insurance rates low and to protect the safety of your teen driver.

Discuss driver responsibility issues frequently with your teen driver. Make sure they understand the dangers of driving while intoxicated, as well as when distracted and tired. Too many teens risk driving while using their cell phones or talking to friends, which is dangerous and the cause of many accidents. If your young driver understands the responsibility of driving and takes the task seriously, it reduces his or her risk of creating an accident.

Finally, make sure you are setting a good example for your young driver. Like with most things they will copy a lot of what you do. If you are a safe driver, safe driving will be second nature for your inexperienced driver. When you get behind the wheel of the car, make sure you obey traffic laws and keep your attention on the road. Also take time to drive with your teen. Though their behavior might not be exactly the same with you in the passenger seat, you can still get an idea for their driving ability.

Keeping auto insurance rates low is important when you are insuring a young driver. If you want to find inexpensive auto insurance for a young driver, try our free search feature for finding cheap auto insurance.

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