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Insurance Savings in California Might be Easier than You Think

California is known to be one of the most expensive states in the nation. This applies to everything from housing costs to taxes to grocery shopping. Those who want to live in the temperate climate with easy access to the mountains, the beach, and some of the country’s most famous landmarks and tourist destinations pay a hefty price.

Vehicle insurance is no exception, though California is usually somewhere in the middle in terms of insurance cost rankings. You are not going to pay dirt-cheap rates driving in the Golden State, but it is possible to find reasonable rates. Do not assume that living in California automatically guarantees you will pay higher rates than if you lived elsewhere.

Saving on Car Insurance in California

There are also plenty of ways you can save on your rates, regardless of where you drive. Insurance companies take a lot of things into account when they determine a person’s rates. They use a formula to determine what you pay for your premiums and what type of coverage you require.

Discounts for California Drivers

Within these formulas are factors that reduce or increase a person’s rate. For instance, someone with several traffic violations within a certain period of time pays more for auto insurance than those with clean driving records. Less experienced drivers pay more than drivers who have been behind the wheel for several years. If you happen to fall into any of the categories that qualify you as a safer driver, ask your insurance company what kind of discounts they provide.

In addition to the type of driver you are, there are other factors that can increase your insurance savings in California. The type of vehicle you drive, the number of drivers in your home, and the amount of time you spend behind the wheel all effect your insurance rate. Drivers who travel just a short distance for work and use their car for few other reasons might pay less than those who commute a few hours to and from their jobs or use their car during the workday.

You can also save if you share a policy with other drivers in your home. Multi-car discounts area benefit offered by several California auto insurance companies. Likewise, you can save on auto insurance if you bundle your coverage with other types of insurance. If your current insurance provider also offers coverage for your home, bundle the policies and save with multi-policy discounts.

Finally, be aware of how your vehicle can save you money on auto insurance. Nobody is saying to go buy a new car to save a few dollars on insurance premiums, but when the time comes to invest in a new vehicle, be aware of how your choice affects your insurance cost.

Regardless of your potential discounts and your driving situation, you might be eligible for cheaper coverage. Use our free search tools to find and compare the best rates on auto insurance in California.

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