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Changes To California’s Low Cost Auto Insurance Will Help Same Sex Couples

 The California Low Cost Auto Insurance Program is a program set up specifically with the primary goal of helping low-income drivers afford auto insurance. Since it is required by law for all vehicles to be insured and many people’s low-incomes prevent them from affording a coverage plan, the state set up this program to aid those in need.

Announcement Of New Regulations To The Low Cost Plan

 On March 10, 2011, Commissioner Dave Jones announced that he has filed for new regulations with the Office of Administrative Law. His goal is to add the category of “spouse” to the application for the Low Cost Auto Insurance Program. This will ultimately help people obtain inexpensive auto insurance much more easily and will include all Californians. Jones expresses his general idea:

“The definition of marriage has changed over time in California , and it is imperative government forms reflect this change as well,” Commissioner Jones said. “This change to the Low Cost Auto form will ensure that the application process is inclusive for all Californians. And I have also asked Department staff to carefully review all the forms we approve to make certain the forms treat equally same sex couples who were married in 2008, or those who may marry in the future.”

How The Regulations Will Impact The Application Terminology

 This new application will ensure that both heterosexual and same sex partnerships are viewed equally, so that there is no bias during the application process. The application will instead use the gender-neutral term “spouse” in the California Automobile Low Cost Application. There are many benefits available by adding this to the application. This will aid both same sex couples who performed their marriage after 5:00 p.m. on June 16, 2008 through November 4, 2008 that are recognized in California and marriages performed elsewhere that are recognized under California law. Since the form previously only allowed the options of “wife”, “husband”, or “domestic partner” people could be subject to discrimination much more easily throughout the application process. Now with this gender-neutral term people have the option of not being subjected due to their life choices.

Why Changes Were Made To The California Low Cost Program

 The law is in fact another way to ensure that all Californians are viewed equally. If you need aid in finding affordable auto insurance in California and plan to apply for the California Low Cost Auto Insurance Program, there is no need to worry about being unfairly judged during the application process. It is becoming much fairer and will maybe in the future take more factors into account.

You can read the official press release from the CA Deptartmen of Insurnance by following this link –

To learn more about attaining affordable car insurance in the Golden State you can visit our California Insurance page.

Another great resource for Californians is the California Department of Insurance website which can be found at There you will find extensive information about the recent updates to the low cost plan as well as other recent articles. Publications that outline what type of coverage is required to drive in CA are also just a click away as well.

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