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Multi-Million Dollar Kickback Bribery Scheme In San Diego CA

The California Department of Insurance sent out a press release Thursday 01-28-2016 about Medical professionals indicted in multi-million dollar bribery scheme. In San Diego CA  one of the largest workers compensation health care fraud cases led to 13 indictments against seven different SoCal based medical professionals. This large investigation showed that nearly 20 insurance companies were being ripped off by medical professionals by taking kickbacks totaling to about half a million dollars in treatments.  California Department of Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones said ” These providers built an elaborate and illegal kickback and bribery scheme that bought and sold patients putting profits ahead of patient medical needs… Fraudulent enterprises like this  create a multi-billion dollar drain on California’s economy.  Commission Jones is working on combatting medical provider fraud and has said that this will be one of  priorities for Department.

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