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Purchase Auto Insurance Online

Most people know it is possible to shop online for a variety of things, but fewer realize how easy it is to purchase auto insurance online. Traditionally, auto insurance was purchased directly from an insurance company. In most cases, an agent sold the policy to a client and the client was given a contact name within the company in case of questions or emergencies. Each client had an insurance agent that worked with them throughout the year to renew the policy and secure the best rates.

Though the process worked, it was often dreaded by clients. Working directly with an agent and hammering out the details of policy upgrades was time consuming. There were also situations in which an agent would push too hard or spend too much time pestering the client. The purpose was to ensure a client renewed his or her policy, but it sometimes led to disgruntled clients who would take their business elsewhere. Unfortunately, the same procedures were used by most insurance companies.

Streamlining the Process

Things began to change a couple of decades ago when some insurance companies chose not to assign agents to clients. If an emergency occurred or a client needed questions answered, his or her call was directed to a phone bank of representatives based on the first come first served basis. A specific agent was unnecessary. Though it might seem like a reduction in personalized customer service, clients loved this change because it meant no more pressure to renew their policy. For some, it also meant lower insurance rates.

Auto Insurance Goes Online

The auto insurance industry changed even more when it became possible to purchase auto insurance online. Not only would drivers not be forced to work with a sales agent, they would also have the option of conducting all of their business online. They could sit alone in their homes, input information into the computer, and choose a policy based on the results of the search. It was possible to purchase an auto insurance policy and enjoy that coverage without ever interacting with a human being.

Of course, assistance was available from most insurance companies when needed. Even though a driver might purchase auto insurance online, insurance companies still have customer service staff and sales agents available if and when they are needed. This provides drivers with the best of both worlds. They enjoy low-pressure shopping for insurance, but they have someone at the ready if they need assistance.

If you believe you are ready to purchase auto insurance online, use our free search tool to find a policy that is right for you. The search is easy and convenient, so you never have to dread shopping for or purchasing auto insurance.

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