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Factors That Impact Your Car Insurance Rates

When searching for affordable auto insurance coverage many consumers can become confused at how some companies can charge much more than others for the same levels of protection. When this problem arises it is time to do some research and see what factors impact your rates and see what you can do to help get the lowest price available. This article will go into detail about what will determine how much you will pay for your policy.

Driving Record And Experience Behind The Wheel

One of the most important factors that will affect your price is your driving record. If you have many tickets and accidents you can expect to pay much more for coverage. Those of us who have clean driving records or even just have 1 ticket or 1 accident will most likely qualify for a good driver discount and can be rewarded with a lower premium. Therefore it is important to maintain a clean driving record by obeying all traffic laws and being a defensive driver. Tickets usually will stay on your driving history for 3 years so it may be in your best interest to re-evaluate your policy when you know that a violation has fallen off. Comparing auto insurance quotes from several companies will give you the best idea of which carrier will be cheapest at this point.

How much driving experience you have will also determine your rates. The longer you have had behind the wheel experience the better your chances are of finding inexpensive auto insurance. Companies will feel better about insuring you and your vehicle if you have been driving for at least more than 5 years.

Types Of Vehicles And Coverages Selected

The type of car you drive and the coverage that you select will also play a big role in your premiums. Vehicles considered to be “high risk” will be charged higher prices than less sporty models. So be prepared to pay more if you drive a fast sports car. Those who drive compact or economy type vehicles will more than likely pay lower prices than others.

The type of auto insurance coverages that you select will determine how much you pay as well. Liability coverage will be the cheapest option available and is usually required in most states. If you want to cover your vehicle for comprehensive and collision coverage you will pay a bit more than if you only had liability. This is because these coverages will protect you against other perils such as theft and accidents with other vehicles.

Other Factors That Can Have An Effect On Rates

Some of the other things that can have a direct effect on your rates are your zip code, marital status and even your gender. Insurance companies can charge different rates based on where you park your car most of the time. Different zip codes are examined to see which ones have more vehicle thefts, higher crime rates and the most accidents. If you live in a high risk area you can end up paying more. If you live in a safer area with less risks involved you will likely pay less.

Typically married people will pay a little bit less than their single counterparts. The reason why is not exactly clear but it is widely suspected that it is that companies see married people as people who have settled down and will not be involved in dangerous driving. Another thing you might not now is that women usually pay less for insurance than men! Since studies show that women are less likely to be involved in accidents and in speeding many companies offer lower premiums to them.

No that you know the various factors involved in rating your policy. You can compare quotes to get a good idea of what you will pay and if you like what you see here on our site remember you always have the option to purchase auto insurance online.

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