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San Francisco Auto Insurance Rate Comparison

Wondering why your insurance cost is so expensive? I’m going to go into detail on what is causing your insurance to go up and also provide a real rate comparison. One reason your insurance might be expensive is your driving record. In order to keep your cost down it is crucial you keep your driving record clean. One ticket can make a huge difference in premium.  The type of vehicle you drive also will be a factor in how much you are going to pay.  A sports car is going to rate a lot higher than say a standard 4 cylinder sedan. I will give some examples in just a bit. Check your deductible. I don’t recommend having a higher deductible. However, it will lower your payments to raise your deductible. The deductible is what you will need to pay if you purchase Comprehensive and/or Collision coverage. Just for those who need a little refreshing on what Comp/Coll coverage is. Here it goes. Comprehensive protects your vehicle from losses like vandalism, theft, tree branch falling out of the sky those types of things. Collision is going to be covering the vehicle for any type of collision.  Putting these two together are often referred to as “full coverage” Now that we are up to date with our information we can continue.  Adjusting the deductible will definitely change your premium. The use of your vehicle can also play a roll in what they charge you. If you are driving all the time or long commute to work you are likely to have a higher premium because you are on the road and at risk. For those of us living in San Francisco here is the bad news. Because San Francisco has so many accidents we have to pay higher premiums. San Francisco is one of the higher rated cities in all of California.  Nothing you can really do about that. We as drivers just need to be more careful. Not that we know what is causing our insurance to go up I am going to show you some real examples of rate comparisons. If you would like to compare yourself feel free to use our free comparison tool.



                                                                            With 1 Traffic Ticket                                          Without Traffic Ticket
John Doe – Single
Age 27                                                                       $235 per month                                                  $181 per month
Living in San Francisco                                     $500 deductible                                               $500 deductible
Vehicle: 2016 Kia Optima                                 $224 per month                                                 $170 per month with
                                                                                    $1000 deductible                                             $1000 deductible
                                                                                With 1 Traffic Ticket                                          Without Traffic Ticket
John Doe – Single
Age 27                                                                       $197 per month                                                   $152 per month
Living in: Pomona CA                                         $500 deductible                                                 $500 deductible
Vehicle: 2016 Kia Optima                                 $186 per month                                                   $141 per month
                                                                                    $1000 deductible                                                $1000 deductible



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