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Using A Smartphone To Get Auto Insurance Comparisons

Technology has taken us a long way within the past few years. It seems that you can do just about anything from your cell phone these days. Sending pictures, checking email and keeping up with social networks top the list by far, however there are many more things that can be done with ease by using a smartphone device. Since most phones now come with web enabled features, it is almost like having a tiny computer in your pocket. Once surprising thing that you can do is compare auto insurance quotes from the palm of your hand. This can be done fairly quickly and easily by using your Internet ready phone. Imagine the possibilities of getting rate comparisons while waiting in line at the grocery store or perhaps while waiting in line at the bank. This can save you a lot of time and hopefully some money as well since you will be performing a diligent search before purchasing.

Top Ways To Access Auto Insurance Rates With Your Phone

There are quite a few ways that you can use your phone to get car insurance quotes. Some smartphones have apps that you can download to get quotes from a specific company. This is may take longer to compare rates because you would have to download each and every app available from various companies and then make your comparison after completing a quote request from each different carrier. Using the web browser on your phone is another way to search for agents or brokers in your local area. Simply perform a search for local insurers on any major search engine and you will be able to click on the phone number listing to call them automatically. Once on the line with a representative you can request estimates and will have to give them some information that they may need in order to attain the prices available. Keep in mind that they may not want to give you the information over the phone and may require you to come into their office to find out how much the coverage may cost. This is usually a sales tactic to get you in the door and persuade you to buy from them. The fastest way would be to find a website that offers side by side comparisons and access their rating system directly on your phone. Since many of them are just like little computers you can do this with quickly and with little effort and be on your way to finding affordable insurance.

Using your phone to purchase auto insurance online may be a little harder to do since it would require you to finalize your transaction by inputting information such as vehicle identification numbers and drivers license numbers.  Even with the newer smartphones that have larger keyboards it may prove to be a bit difficult and time consuming to type in all of the necessary info. It is probably easier and faster to do it from your home computer or laptop if possible since your hands will have a lot more room to type and you will be a lot more comfortable.

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