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Three Things You Must Do Following a Car Accident

No matter how safe a driver you are there might come a time when you are involved in an accident. Assuming the crash did not result in any serious injuries, there are several things you should do immediately following the incident.

These steps apply to fender-benders and accidents that do not require you to seek medical attention in the immediate aftermath. If you are injured, you should tend to your health first and foremost. Someone else can take care of these steps or you can handle them once you have seen a doctor.

What are the three things you must do after a car accident?

1. File an Accident Report with the Police

Even if your accident is minor you should contact the police and create a legal accident report. This ensures nobody will come back later and accuse you of damage that had nothing to do with the accident. The officer that arrives on scene will ask to see your identification and your proof of insurance, and then will take a statement from everyone involved in the accident.

It is important to only discuss the details of the accident with the police in the immediate aftermath. Do not talk with anyone else involved and never admit guilt, even if you suspect it was your mistake that caused the accident.

2. Create a Written Record of the Facts

This is the part where you get the contact and insurance information of everyone involved, and you take photos of the aftermath. It is also a good idea to record any license plates of those involved, as well as the makes and models of the vehicles. If there are eye witnesses nearby you can get their contact information, but the police will likely take care of this. As long as their contact information is on record there is no need to worry.

3. Contact Your Insurance Provider

Once you are in a safe place, you need to contact your insurance provider. Most insurance companies have 24 hour hotlines you can reach any time. The insurance company will request a copy of the police report or might even ask to speak to the officer if he or she is still available at the scene. In some cases, this will save time and frustration later.

Car accidents are never fun and they can be extremely intimidating. Knowing the three most important things to do immediately after an accident can help you feel better about the situation.

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