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Three Tips to Help You Avoid an Accident – and Keep Your Insurance Premiums Low!

There are many things that can result in your car insurance rates skyrocketing, but one of the quickest things that will boost your rates is causing a car accident. You should do everything you can to avoid accidents, not only for your safety and the safety of others, but also to keep your premiums affordable. Even a minor accident that causes little damage and no physical injuries can result in a significant increase in your insurance cost.

What are a few important things to remember about safe driving and how it can help you avoid accidents?

Keep Your Vehicle in Tip-Top Shape

Regular car maintenance ensures your vehicle is running as it should and that all safety features are working properly. It is especially important to make sure your breaks and tires are road-ready. It might seem like a pain and an expense to keep up with car maintenance, but the pain and expense will be much worse if your insurance premiums soar on a car that is out of commission because of an accident.

Avoid Distraction

Distracted driving is one of the main causes of accidents and now with cell phones and texting, the problem is so severe states are passing laws against distracted driving. There could come a day when it would be illegal to change your radio station or eat in your car!

Though it might seem minor to take your eyes off the road for a few seconds, that’s all it takes to cause a serious accident. Do not assume that because you don’t text while driving that you are not driving distracted, either. Do you ever turn around to talk to children in the backseat, searching for a map, or check your makeup in the rearview mirror? All of these are distractions and all of them should be avoided if you want to prevent an accident.

Be Defensive Behind the Wheel

You might think it’s enough to follow the rules of the road and be a good driver, but unfortunately, you also need to take some responsibility for other people driving alongside of you. Not everyone is as good a driver as you and you must be on the lookout for these people. Check blind spots, anticipate lane changes without warning, and always leave yourself an out when driving. Just because something isn’t “you fault” doesn’t mean you won’t be held accountable with higher insurance premiums. And if that’s all you need to worry about after an accident caused by an irresponsible driver, consider yourself lucky.

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