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Four Ways to Find Low Cost Auto Insurance in California

The saying goes, “Eight out of ten Californians prefer lower insurance rates. The other two do not drive!” Obviously, this is a humorous way to look at the situation, but it drives home an important point: drivers do not want to over pay for car insurance. Drivers want enough coverage to protect them in case of an accident or mishap, but they do not want to pay an exorbitant fee each month for coverage they might use only a few times in their lives.

The key to contentment with your car insurance is finding a policy that blends affordability with quality coverage. It might not be the least expensive policy or the most comprehensive, but it will be right for you. Finding low cost auto insurance in California is possible, if you are willing to put in a little time for research.

Contact Car Insurance Companies

Your first option for finding low cost auto insurance California is contacting a variety of car insurance companies. Start by gathering information about different policies offered by different companies. The more you know about your options the easier it will be to make your final choice. If you are concerned about sharing too much information with insurance companies during the research phase, offer only basic information and then ask what sort of discounts the company offers. This helps you determine your approximate rate, but prevents insurance companies from aggressively pursuing you about making a decision.

Take Advantage of Discounts

There are many discounts available to California residents. Here are a few that may help you save a little more on your car insurance in California.

  • Good Driver Discount – This discount is available to drivers with good driving records.
  • Multi-Car Discount – You qualify for this discount when you add 2 or more vehicle to your insurance policy. The savings on this can be big. Up to 40% and 50% off your insurance premium.
  • Low Mileage Discount – Most insurance companies will offer this discount to their policyholders as long as they can provide proof of mileage. Valid proof would be the past two oil changes or some type of documentation showing proof of mileage.
  • Marriage Discount –  A marriage discount can be applied with a valid marriage certificate.
  • Good Student Discount – Full time students can qualify for this discount with a 3.0 GPA or higher.

View Websites Online

The next option you have for finding low cost auto insurance in California is to compare rates online. This prevents unwanted pressure from insurance agents and enables you to gather information in your own timeframe. If you are searching online, you will not have to worry about time consuming conversations with agents. You can search the websites of insurance companies and request quotes based on your information. This is a low pressure way to gather insurance information and makes it possible to gain information that is specific to your circumstances.

Use a Search Tool for Comparing Rates

Your final option for gathering information about low cost auto insurance in California is to conduct a search online through a single website. Instead of visiting several different sites of insurance companies, you can use our free search tool to find quotes from many different companies. This is the easiest way to search for auto insurance and studies show our rates are some of the most accurate available. The process of finding the right policy is simplified because you are only inputting your information one time. You get all of the information you need in just a fraction of the time it takes to search with several different companies.

If you are in need of low cost auto insurance California and you want the search process to be as simple as possible, use our free search tool to find the best rates available for you.

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