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Tips To Help Find Cheap Auto Insurance For Teens

Teens drivers seem to get the short end of the stick when it comes to finding and inexpensive insurance policy. The main reason for this is because carriers see this young age group as high risk. It may seem unfair to some but the truth is that most teenage motorists have little to no driving experience. This means that they are more likely to be involved in an accident with another vehicle than an older driver who has been behind the wheel for a few years. As years go by young drivers can expect to pay less for their premiums but there are some ways to get the price down now.

Drive A Vehicle That Will Not Cost A Lot To Insure

If at all possible to control what kind of car you will drive it is best for teens to drive one that is not worth a whole lot of money. If a young driver insures a car that is worth a lot of money, companies will charge much higher premiums since they cost more to repair if involved in a collision and since the person that will be driving the vehicle regularly is more likely to crash than a more experienced driver. The best kind of cars for teens to drive are ones that are safe, reliable and one that will not cost a lot of money to replace. If you can find this type of automobile you can insure it with just liability coverage which will be much less than if you had it insured with comprehensive and collision coverage.

“Piggy Backing” On Mom And Dads Insurance Policy

Another tactic often used that can help in finding low cost auto insurance for teens is adding them on as additional drivers to Mom and Dads policy. It is important to note that this can go either way. Sometimes companies can add the youngster on the policy and indicate that they will only be doing minimal driving resulting in a minimal increase in the normal premium. On the other hand some carriers do not like to insure young people at all no matter how little they will drive and they can show this by raising the rates by a lot of money when adding them on. It is worth it to inquire about this option before going elsewhere to get a separate policy.

Maintaining Good Grades To Lower The Cost Of Car Insurance

Possibly the best way for teens to find inexpensive auto insurance is to maintain a high grade point average. This is one of the ways that young drivers can show their maturity and attain lower premiums on their policy. Many carriers will give students a discount for having good grades. The discount can deduct a significant amount from the normal amount that would usually be charged. Proof may be required when applying for this type of program so be sure to save report cards or college transcripts showing what the specific grade point average is. Usually you will have to fax or mail in the supporting documentation.

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