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Tips for Insurance Savings in Texas

Are you looking to save on vehicle insurance in Texas? You are not alone. With the rising gas prices and general cost of living working its way higher and higher, people are looking to save in any way they can.

Vehicle insurance is one of the best places to begin your search for money-saving value.

Here are the top five tips for insurance savings in Texas:

1. Pair Up with Other Drivers

Though there is no insurance equivalent of car pooling, there are ways to join with other drivers to save on car insurance. Just as health insurance companies offer bulk discounts to companies that insure large groups of employees, vehicle insurance companies provide discounts to drivers who share policies with other drivers in their homes. If you are living with another driver, and his or her driving record would make it advantageous, combine your policies into one.

Even if either of you has a high rate for one reason or another, it can save overall to combine insurance policies. Though an individual rate might be a bit higher, the combined cost is less. You just need to divvy up the expense to reflect personal savings.

2. Choose a Safe Vehicle

Investing in a new car is exciting, but you need to consider more than gas mileage and color. The safety features on your vehicle can make a big difference in your insurance rate. It can also save you a lot choosing a vehicle that is known for safety, as opposed to speed. If you are not sure which vehicles trigger the lowest insurance rates, contact your insurance company or do a search for the year’s best insurance value vehicles.

3. Drive Less

This is not an option for everyone, but if your vehicle insurance company takes mileage into account, cut back on your mileage. You might be able to do this in several different ways. Consider car pooling with others who work at your company, take public transportation to work, or ask if you can work from home a couple of days each week. Cutting out a once-a-year road trip is unlikely to affect your rate, but showing that you have cut back your total mileage each year can make a difference.

4. Make Responsible Choices

Your non-driving choices might have nothing to do with how safe a driver you are, but insurance companies think they do. Many insurance companies reward students who get good grades with lower insurance rates. Ask your insurance company what sort of discounts they offer for accomplishments in your life. You should be taking advantage of all the discounts available to you.

5. Be Patient

This one is the most difficult because it just requires you to wait. As you gain more driving experience or move further away from a traffic violation, your rate will reduce. Like most things, give it time. However, make sure you have no other options in the meantime. Are you sure you are paying the lowest rate available for vehicle insurance coverage in Texas?

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