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Top 3 Concerns of California Drivers

Where you live affects how you drive. Those living in areas where the climate is exceptionally snowy or rainy need to consider weather issues more than drivers living in temperate climates. The same is true if you live in an especially foggy or hilly area. Someone in the Pacific Northwest or Southeastern parts of the country has different concerns than drivers in Northern California. Even those living in different parts of the same state often need to consider different things when driving.

To complicate things even more, climate concerns are not the only issue. Driving comes with a great deal of responsibility and a number of things related to driving cause concern for California drivers. These are the three main issues:

Gas Prices

Like most things in California, gas is more expensive than it is in locations throughout the rest of the country. There are various reasons for this and a person could spend hours arguing over how to fix the problem, but the important thing to know is that if you are driving in California, you will be paying a pretty penny for gas. Unfortunately, most areas require driving and are not conducive to walking from place to place. There are public transportation options in some regions, but using public transportation on a regular basis is a big commitment. If you drive in California, be sure to set an appropriate amount aside in your household budget for gas.

Traffic Congestion

Since driving in California is the most popular option for getting to and from your destination, and the population in many parts of California is dense, there is a lot of traffic congestion. Suburban and rural areas are not as affected, but those commuting in and out of the state’s most popular cities should plan to spend several hours each day in traffic. There are commuter options that allow you to park your vehicle on the way to your final destination and share a single vehicle with other drivers or take public transportation the rest of the way. This does not necessarily reduce your commute time, but it allows you to do your part toward not making the congestion worse.

Climate Changes

The climate in most parts of California is fairly temperate and it is one of the few states in which weather usually does not affect driving at least part of the year. However, there are rare occasions when weather does play a role. Those traveling through the state during different seasons should plan for climate changes as they move from region to region. The weather in Southern California rarely affects driving, but as you move north you will find varied conditions. Even if weather is not a concern, you will want to prepare for a potential breakdown and have your vehicle stocked with provisions. Some parts of the state are desolate and you need to be prepared in case of an emergency.

Drivers in California are required by law to have auto insurance coverage. If you need assistance finding a policy that is right for you, use our free search tool to find California auto insurance.

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