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Top 3 Reasons California Drivers Need Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is something many people take for granted, at least until they need to use their coverage or they decide to find a better policy. There are plenty of reasons why drivers should take their time finding a policy that offers coverage that is right for them. It saves money, it protects their interest, and it keeps everyone on the road safe.

Unfortunately, too many drivers opt for the cheapest policy and forget about their coverage until an accident occurs. If you are wondering why you even need to bother with auto insurance, here are the top 3 reasons drivers in California need to make auto insurance a priority:

Required by Law

Auto insurance is a legal requirement to drive in California. Though there are many options regarding coverage, there are minimum amounts required in the state for all drivers. The information about your policy is on file at the Department of Motor Vehicles, so should your coverage lapse, it will not take long for your license to be revoked.

Though it might seem as if you can skip coverage if you have never been involved in an accident or if your vehicle is older and can withstand damage, skipping coverage means you will be breaking the law.

Protects Your Vehicle

Vehicle insurance in California protects your vehicle. Whether it is damaged in an accident while driving or someone damages it while it is parked, insurance will help you pay for the damage. Keep in mind insurance does not cover repairs that are caused by use of your vehicle. For instance, if the vehicle needs its oil changed or the transmission stops working, that is an out of pocked expense not covered by insurance. Insurance covers unexpected damage caused by your driving mistakes, the driving mistakes of others, and in some cases damage caused by the environment.

Protects You from Legal Consequences

Insurance coverage offers you protection if you are involved in an accident that is your fault. It might not offer full protection and depending on the cause and result of the accident, you might still need additional legal protection. Some people involved in accidents that are their fault are required to go to court, pay fines, and attend drivers education. These are expenses that are in addition to paying for the repairs of the vehicles involved in the accident. Vehicle insurance does offer financial protection toward the repair of another person’s vehicle and there are policies that offer personal injury protection if someone is hurt in an accident. Personal injury protection is required in California.

If you need assistance finding an auto insurance policy that is right for you, use our free search tool. We help California drivers get the coverage they need.

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