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Top Five Safety Upgrades to Make to Your Car to Help You Save on Insurance

Everyone knows insurance companies consider a number of factors when determining your insurance rates, but did you also know there are upgrades you can make when buying your car that also help you save on insurance?

More than the other factors insurance companies consider, like where you live, how good a driver you are and how long you have been driving – things over which you have limited flexibility – there are specific things you can do to reduce the insurance company’s risk.

Here are the top five things to look for when buying your new vehicle if you want to keep your insurance rates reasonable:


There has been some debate over the safety of airbags over the few decades since they have become popular, but most car manufacturers have put the debate to rest by allowing drivers to turn off their airbags if they will cause more harm than good. Overall, airbags are viewed as an improvement in safety by insurance companies.

Anti-theft Systems

Anti-theft systems are a great way to reduce insurance rates and to give yourself peace of mind. Some insurance companies are happy to reduce your rate when you install your own burglar alarm or steering wheel lock device, while others require you use a manufacturer’s anti-theft system.

Daytime Running Lights

It might seem crazy that lights on your car during the daytime could reduce your insurance premiums, but research has shown they reduce accidents. Make sure your insurance provider is aware if you have daytime running lights as a feature on your vehicle.

Tire Pressure Monitor System

All vehicles manufactured after 2008 have tired pressure monitoring, but there are still plenty of cars on the road that do not. Double check when buying a new car (especially if it’s new to you but used overall) whether it offers this feature and alert your insurance company if it does.

Warning Alert Systems

Rearview cameras, blind spot detection, and lane departure warning all improve the safety of a vehicle by a great deal. These features are usually not standard, so if you invest in the upgrade, make sure your insurance company knows you have it.

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