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What Causes Auto Insurance Rates to Increase?

Insurance quotes given in good faith are extremely reliable, but there are instances in which you end up paying more than the initial price you were quoted. When you request a quote, make sure you have the correct information you need and that you provide as much information as possible. This allows for the most accurate quote and reduces the risk you will be surprised when the bill for your premium arrives.

In most cases, a rate will be higher than quoted for one of a few reasons:

Incorrect or Incomplete Information

You provided incorrect information and the quote was based on that. Once the insurer verifies information your quote could end up being higher. And depending on the discrepancy it could be much higher. For instance, if you reported an accident was not your fault when it was.

The same is true if you leave out information when requesting a quote. For instance, you received a speeding ticket recently and failed to include that information when making your quote request.

Making Your Payment

Sometimes rates are higher than quoted because of fees, so make sure you are clear about how you will pay for your insurance coverage and what the cost will be based on that. For instance, those who pay annually might receive a discount not available to those paying monthly.

Your premium can also increase after you purchase your policy. Make sure you provide all of the information requested by the insurer because they might be able to apply penalties if your portfolio is not complete. The sooner you submit any information requested by the insurance company the better because it allows them to provide you with the most accurate quote and ensures you will not be penalized for not providing what they need.

Life Changes

Rates can change, too, if things in your life change that are not directly related to driving. For instance, your rate could increase if you move to a new home, change jobs and need to commute further, or graduate from school and are no longer eligible for a discount related to good grades.

Finally, your rate can increase at renewal. Most often this occurs because of an accident or moving violation. Your insurance rate is calculated based on a formula and if you add in things like crashes or speeding tickets, your rate goes up. Your rate can also increase if you let your insurance lapse, so make sure you keep up with payments.

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