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Who Needs California Car Insurance?

As hard as it might be for people living in mandatory car insurance states to believe, there are still places in the country where auto insurance is not required. California is a mandatory vehicle insurance state. All drivers are required  to have a specific level of auto insurance. Insurance companies are required to report coverage to the California Department of Motor Vehicles, and for a vehicle to be legally registered in the state, the driver must maintain sufficient insurance. Drivers in California can have their vehicle registration suspended if their vehicle’s liability insurance does not meet the minimum requirements. Every California driver is required to have vehicle insurance.

Benefits of Mandatory Auto Insurance

Though it might seem like an unnecessary expense to some drivers, mandatory insurance laws keep drivers safe and keep the cost of damages and insurance low. All drivers in California have the assurance of knowing the vehicles surrounding them on the road are covered by liability insurance. Having valid California car insurance also makes it possible to conveniently renew your vehicle registration online, by telephone, or at the self-service kiosks at the DMV. This saves time and effort when the time comes for renewal. It is not necessary for California drivers to submit paper proof of insurance in most cases because insurance companies report coverage to the DMV.

Minimum Requirements

California drivers are required to have a minimum amount of insurance on their vehicles. Coverage requirements are as follows: $15,000 for injury/death to one person, $30,000 for injury/death to more than one person, and $5,000 for damage to property. Drivers can rest assured that all other vehicles around them have at least this level of coverage As a California driver, you have the option of upgrading your policy for comprehensive coverage that will compensate you should your vehicle be damaged. This is a personal decision, so make sure you know your options and compare policy prices before making a final decision. Do not spend money on California auto insurance you do not need, but make sure you have a policy that covers the minimum, plus what is important for your personal situation.

Proof of Insurance

Once you have chosen your California car insurance policy, you need to have proof of insurance on you at all times while driving. You might be required to show proof of coverage to law enforcement if stopped on the road. You will also need the information should you be involved in a collision. Your insurance provider will supply you with the appropriate documents, which most people carry in their wallets or store in the glove compartment of their vehicles. If you are without your policy information when it is required, you might be subject to a financial penalty.

You are required as a California driver to have auto insurance, but you are not required to pay too much! Use our site to learn more about affordable vehicle insurance and find a policy that is right for you.

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