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Why Defensive Driving in California Saves You Money on Your Insurance

Drivers complain all the time about the cost of their vehicle insurance. Insurance is one of those necessary evils. You pay for something you might never need, but not having coverage can cost you a lot more than your premiums.

If you live in a state with mandatory auto insurance laws like California, you do not even have the option of driving legally without coverage. This means your only option is to find ways to save on your insurance policy.

You will need to spend money on coverage to drive, but you can spend as little as possible if you are willing to invest a little time and effort.

Keeping Auto Insurance Rates Low

One of the best ways to keep your insurance rates low is to practice safe, defensive driving. It is not enough to not make mistakes of your own when behind the wheel. To keep your insurance rates low and save yourself a lot of headaches, you must be aware of other drivers on the road and protect yourself and your vehicle against their mistakes.

Defensive driving in California is sometimes confused with aggressive driving, but the two are very different. Aggressive driving is a mistake and can cost you a lot of money. It can also injure you and the other drivers on the road. When someone drivers aggressively, he or she behaves as if they are the only driver on the road. Aggressive drivers tailgate, cut others off, and disobey speed limits. Aggressive driving is not safe driving.

On the other hand, defensive driving enhances the safety of everyone on the road. Good defensive drivers anticipate the moves of other drivers and understand there are unsafe drivers around them. They think a few steps ahead and always plan an escape route, should something go wrong. It is impossible to protect against every occurrence on the road, but defensive drivers make an effort to do so as often as possible. Defensive driving is a blend of intelligence, instincts, caution, and confidence, and it is one of the best tools you have to keep your insurance rates low.

How Defensive Driving Helps Your Auto Insurance Rate

Unfortunately, there is no test that measures the ability of a person to drive defensively. Initially, drivers are tested for basic knowledge and driving skills, but once they take to the road, their driving record is all they have to prove their ability. Driving experience can be an indication of a person’s defensive driving ability, but even some of the most experienced drivers never learn to be defensive and have good instincts on the road.

So how does defensive driving save you money on auto insurance in California? It keeps your driving record spotless. It avoids mishaps with other drivers, including those who are illegally uninsured. It gains you year after year of driving without incident. All of these outcomes are taken into account by your insurance company. If you are rarely, if ever involved in auto accidents and you essentially fly under the radar of your insurance provider, your rate should steadily decline over the years.

If it does not, you need to contact your provider and ask that your policy be reviewed.

Or you can take your spotless driving record you built as a result of defensive driving and take it to a different insurance provider. Use our free search tool to locate the best rates for good, defensive drivers.

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